For New Users

For New Users

CBD is currently being researched for potential medical applications in Europe and the U.S., and is a highly safe ingredient used in medical products, health foods, cosmetics, etc. CBD makes up about 40% of the cannabis component, and is legal in Japan.

At CBD STYLE we offer the following products:

- CBD Vape: Inhaled through electronic cigarette

This type of CBD Vape is used by those who are concerned about the stickiness of CBD oil and those who smoke regularly.

- CBD supplements: capsules and pills

CBD supplements are the easiest to take, with additional ingredients that are needed for different purposes, such as "refreshing when you wake up in the morning" or "making you feel sleepy before bed.

- CBD oil: drops under the tongue

This is the most common way of taking CBD oil, and is mainly taken orally. This is the easiest form to use, even for those who do not like the inhalation type.

- CBD cream : Apply to your skin

It is absorbed into the body through the skin and activates the endogenous cannabinoids.

- CBD gummies and tablets: Eating

CBD gummies, gum, and other gum products are often used as a quick and easy way to focus on work, or as an extension of a regular diet of organic foods.