What are the uses of CBD?

What are the uses of CBD?

The use of CBD depends on the product and how it is ingested (absorbed). Since there are also differences in effectiveness, it is important to keep in mind the characteristics of each use of CBD.

[Inhaled ingestion]

Fast-acting: from about 20 minutes

Absorption rate: high

Products: CBD liquids and vapes, etc.

The main way to use CBD liquid is to vaporize it in a vape or other device and allow it to be absorbed by the lungs. It is said to be the fastest-acting and best-absorbed way to use CBD, as the numerous capillaries in the lungs absorb the ingredient directly.

[Intake under the tongue]

Fast-acting: about 30

Absorption rate: High

Product: CBD oil etc.

CBD products have the longest history and generally have a wide market share in the medical and beauty industries. If you drop a few drops on the back of your tongue and leave it for a few minutes, the capillaries absorb the ingredients. It is not digested because it does not pass through the stomach or liver, and it is said to have excellent absorption rate and fast-acting after CBD Vape.

[Oral ingestion]

Fast-acting: about 2 hours

Absorption rate: Medium to lower

Products: Edibles and supplements

Popular edible systems and supplements such as CBD gummy are the easiest to use and easy to understand intake. Because it is through the stomach, liver, and other digestive organs, the absorption rate is lowered, and because it visits the body through the blood, it is not faster than Vape and oil. However, because it circulates slowly into the body, it is characterized by its persistence in its effects.

[Skin ingestion]


Absorption rate: High

Products: CBD skin care items, etc.

At this stage, CBD has been confirmed to penetrate up to 1 cm of the epidermis. In addition, there is a view that it may have reached a deeper level, and athletes and athletes use it to recover muscle fatigue. CBD is expected to have an effective effect not only on the body but also on the skin, and can be used in a variety of ways, including anti-aging, atopic improvement, acne improvement and anti-inflammatory.

CBD has this kind of use, and each one has its own characteristics. Let's know how to use it easily in your life and use it to choose a product.