What CBD products are available?

What CBD products are available?
The main products in CBD are as follows.

CBD oil

How to use it: dab CBD oil on the bottom lining and leave it on for a few minutes. Allow the ingredients to be absorbed by the capillaries.

Absorption rate: 25-35%.
Fast acting: About 30 minutes
Feature: one of the oldest CBD products.

CBD is said to be better absorbed when taken with medium-chain fatty acids, which is why CBD oil is most often diluted with medium-chain fatty acid-rich coconut oil or MCT oil.

CBD oil is also the most commonly prescribed for the medical side of the equation, and it has long been the trusted, foundational product of CBD.


CBD Vape

How to use it: load the CBD liquid into the vape and inhale the vaporized material. (Think of it like a cigarette) Some of the CBD liquid is already attached to the vape. The ingredients are absorbed into the capillaries of the lungs.

Absorption rate: 30-40%.
Fast acting: about 15-30 minutes
Features: one of the most popular CBD products, CBD Vape has a wide variety of flavors to choose from. It also has one of the highest absorption rates of any CBD product. When taken into the lungs, it is also fast-acting because the capillaries absorb the ingredients in one go and circulate through the body.


CBD Food

How to use: to absorb the ingredients from the stomach to eat.

Absorption rate: 5-15%
Fast-acting: about 2-6 hours
Features: Foods containing CBD are also very popular. There are various kinds of snacks such as CBD gummy, CBD candy, CBD chocolate, etc.

It's easier to take in than CBD oil or Vape, so it's convenient when you're on the go. In addition, a lever it is not fast-acting, it is characterized by excellent sustainability.


CBD Pet Supplies

How to use: The pet's food or hanging under it is ingested into the body.

Absorption rate: about 5-20%
Fast-acting: about 30 minutes
Features: CBD is expected to be effective in most milk products equipped with ECS, such as dogs and cats. Especially in pets, it is often used for seizures, sleep and painkillers. Products such as PET food and snacks containing CBD, CBD oil for pets, etc. are also sold.


CBD skin care products

How to use: apply it to the skin and let it penetrate
Absorption rate:-
Features: CBD binds to CB1 and CB2 receptors present in the skin and is used not only for skin care but also for relieving indirect pain. Current research has shown that CBD penetrates up to about 1 cm of the epidermis.