What is the broad spectrum?

What is the broad spectrum? 
Broad Spectrum is a method of manufacturing CBD.

Please see below for the main features of Broad Spectrum.

There's a slight bitterness and pungency to it.

It is expected to have an anthropogenic effect. For this reason, it is said to be more effective than the 99% CBD isolate process.

The full-spectrum method is a method that contains all other ingredients of hemp without THC. In other words, except for THC, it is the same as full spectrum.

Broad Spectrum is a process that extracts all of the ingredients from hemp, including cannabinoids, terpenes and nutrients, including CBD except THC, from hemp.

Because it does not contain THC, it can be handled in a wider range of countries and regions. Full spectrum is illegal in Japan, but broad spectrum is legal.

However, if you take all the cannabinoids together as much as possible, you can expect a higher entourage effect. In particular, THC is a key component of cannabinoids, so broad spectrum may be less effective than full spectrum.

That doesn't mean it's less effective. CBD oil prescribed in medical cannabis is said to be overwhelmingly more broad-spectrum than full spectrum, and it has been proven to be safe to use from children to the elderly.

If you want to use it as health support, such as improving your worries in your daily life or improving your immune system, you will be able to fully cope with the Broad Spectrum.

In using such a broad spectrum, there is one caveat.

If you are in the profession of doping or drug testing, please be careful when using broad spectrum, even if you do not have THC.

In fact, no matter how much THC was removed by the Broad Spectrum method, it seems to be difficult in manufacturing to completely exclude 100%. Therefore, THC may be detected in trace amounts depending on the company and inspection period criteria, so it is necessary to pay attention depending on the type of job.