Environmental Action

Green Gorilla's regenerative growing techniques protect the environment, public health, local communities, and animal welfare. We grow hemp organically without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides. To conserve water, we use a natural aquifer with holding ponds. Nutrient-rich organic soil retains rainfall, reducing the need to water the plants ourselves.

Climate Change

Hemp has excellent ecological benefits—from cleaning the air to using fewer resources than most other crops. The vast acres of our hemp farm remove carbon dioxide through photosynthesis. The more plants we grow, the more we can lessen the increasing impacts of climate change.


Green Gorilla™ promises to be a positive force for environmental change. Our eco-friendly agricultural practices have contributed to the biodiversity of the land as our once-barren farm has become home to a variety of animal species. We’re proud to say our farms have helped foster a sustainable ecosystem.

Employee Activism Initiative

As a team, we participate in volunteering opportunities around the world and give back to the community in beneficial ways. Our outreach efforts have included organizing donation drives for local animal shelters to leading beach cleanups near our headquarters. With a focus to protect our planet, we work to make our company green and sustainable.

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